Cleaning out your closet? We'd love to give your items a new home!


WHEN DO YOU BUY? We typically buy every day we're open 11:30am-5:30pm. If it's just a few items, we can usually buy on the spot. If we're talking major closet clean, we do offer a "drop off" option, where you can leave your items with your name and number and we will text you as soon as we're done going through your bags. After we text you, you will have one week to pick up your items or they will be considered left for donation. Also, please note, when you do a "drop off," we will contact you with either your cash or credit amount for the items we are taking. We typically do not itemize for "approval" with drop offs. Your items will immediately be processed for the floor after we text you. If you would like to see which items are being taken, we suggest waiting in store for a buyer. ** FROM OCTOBER 2018-JANUARY 2019, there is one buyer that is out on maternity leave. This means there may be a handful of days that we will have subs working and will be "drop off only" days. Please check out instagram @theleftbankla for daily updates.** 

DO I NEED AN APPOINTMENT: Nope. But it's always a good idea to text 818-839-1992 to see if we're available to take you right away or if we're a bit backed up. Heads up, Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays tend to be our busiest buying days. 

IS THERE AN ITEM LIMIT: We don't have an item limit!

CONDITION OF ITEMS?: Obviously we're a used clothing shop and we don't expect things to be perfect, especially in vintage. But you guys are not into things that require a lot of work to  make useful. So this means you don't like things with stains, rips (that are not meant to be there), or broken zippers. You also don't seem to like sweaters that have lots of pilling. And we always LOVE when items smell fresh and clean and so do you! We do wash a lot of our clothing, but heads up, if we have to send your clothes out to be washed you will be getting less than if you had brought the item in clean and ready to sell. 

WHAT DO YOU BUY/TRADE: We buy what you guys like! We are always looking for ladies clothing in good, clean condition, breathable fabrics and flattering cuts. We buy everything from Forever 21 to Vintage to Chanel. We also buy shoes, accessories and small home accessories. Brands like Madewell, Reformation and Everlane do really well. Brands like Micheal Kors and Bebe are a tougher sell here. The weird thing about buying and trading, is we can't always buy what WE like, we buy what you guys are buying. We understand how meaningful and special all of your items are, so we take great care in treating all your items with respect. 



The general rule is less business, more casual. Less special occasion and more every day wear. The fabric, cuts and styles are more important than the brands. But here's what you guys seem to be buying from us right now: 

-Good denim, mid to high rise. Also denim jackets, and overalls both long and short.

-Dresses (both vintage and contemporary) in breathable fabrics and flattering cuts (shift dresses, slip dresses and wrap dresses always do well!) We love dresses that have buttons down the entire front.

-Bodysuits, jumpsuits, rompers

-Wide leg pants, hi rise trousers, A-line mini skirts, floral "skater skirts", skirts that button all the way down the front.

-Blouses and Tops with minimal hardware and without ruching. You guys seem to prefer cotton, linen, silk, rayon. 

 -Soft sweaters; you guys prefer crew neck to v-neck, and oversized to fitted. You like chunky cardigans, loose turtlenecks, and in materials like merino wool, cashmere, silk blends, cotton, rayon, viscose. No itchy wools. You guys won't buy them.

 - Dark Florals, Corduroy, Velvets, sparkles, satin, novelty prints, rich embroidery/tapestry, 70's inspired, animal print, rich colors (topaz, emerald, burnt orange, gold), classic stripes all are doing well right now!

-Shoes:Best selling are size 6.5-9.5 and in oxfords, slides, mules, block heels, ankle booties, sneakers (like Vans, Converse or Adidas, not running shoes).  Traditional heels in general are a tougher sell these days.

-small crossbody leather bags and backpacks. Contemporary bags with minimal hardware, boxy little purses.

-Homewares: ceramics, baskets, bowls, glasses, serving dishes, mirrors, wall hangs, textiles.

-See our instagram @theleftbankla to see our general "style"

DO YOU CONSIGN?: sometimes with higher end items we will consign, but only in very limited cases. We tend to buy outright. This means we go through your items and offer you a 30% in cash of what we think your items will sell for. Or we offer a 40-45% store credit or "trade". When you consign and leave your items, you will get slightly more. 

DO YOU ACCEPT FURNITURE? We will accept limited amounts of smaller furniture like chairs and side tables, mirrors and lamps. But we just don't have the room for beds, big tables, couches, etc.

DO YOU PICK UP?  Right now, we're a little strapped on time and hands, so we appreciate you bringing items into us. If you have an "estate style" clean out of a house, we can sometimes arrange to come to you! 

DO YOU DO GUYS STUFF?: if the item is neutral enough to sell to a lady, then yup! But we typically gear things towards the ladies. 

HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? FEEL FREE TO TEXT 818-839-1992 or email us at